What to Include in Your Facebook Page to Attract Followers

9 Nov

As we always point out: Facebook marketing continues to change and evolve. Adaptation and implementation of strategies and techniques to increase engagement for your brand or business are constant practices. One of these key elements is knowing what to include on a Facebook Page to attract followers.

A Facebook Page “lives or dies” by the number of followers it consistently has. As such, it is essential to keep attracting new followers. Let’s take a look at what you can do to get build your followership!


What Is More Important: Likes or Followers?

Before we proceed, we should consider what is more important for a Facebook Page: likes or followers. This is an interesting comparison to consider. On the surface, Facebook Page likes are important. And it is, to a certain extent. It is a basic reflection of how many people have liked the page’s focus or content.

But it is not an accurate indicator.

That may be a surprising fact for most. “Aren’t likes what everyone is aiming for to get on their page?” many would ask. But here’s the caveat: A Facebook account that likes a page has the option to unfollow it. Although the act of liking the page automatically triggers the “follow” option, this is not permanent.

On the other hand, when a person follows your page they will constantly get notifications and posts on their feeds when there is something new added. Whether it is a post or a picture added, the follower will be informed. Meanwhile, a like with the unfollow option chosen, will not.

This is not to say that likes do not matter. That is still a potential engagement. Just know how to weigh the value of likes vs. followers in the Facebook Marketing game.

What You Can Include to Increase Facebook Followers

There is a plethora of material out there on what a Facebook Page should have to attract followers. Here, we will look at the most common and productive elements that can regularly net you the followership you seek.


If there is one area that any page draws attention to, it is information. There is a thirst for knowledge out there in the world. And at any moment, the information you share could be the first time a person discovers it. If you can share information that connects with your brand and business, that is aces!

Think about this: A science page can have an impression of being “boring”. But share a post about a robot that looks and acts like a cute puppy dog, and watch that post get likes and shares by the bucket. So, why not add information that the reader might discover and appreciate? That can lead to people liking and following your page for future updates of a similar nature.

Information is King in the Facebook game. Make it work for you and your brand!

Special Offers

If you have a brand or business that offers products and services, special offers can generate a large number of likes and followers. Let’s face it: people want to save money. Even the rich pinch pennies these days. Having special offers or giveaways on your Facebook page will lead to engagement. That’s almost guaranteed.

Having said that, do not overdo this practice. The operative word is “special.” You have to pace your special offers and giveaways so that it becomes a sort of mini-event for your followers.

Attention-Grabbing Content

Facebook is full of amusing gifs, memes, and videos. People gravitate to them because they are relatable and they do not take a lot of effort to understand. So, why not make this work in your favour? Granted, you cannot just add a meme to a post and expect it to connect with your followers. There has to be a method to your strategy.

Here’s an example: The “Nyan Cat” meme is one of the oldest and most familiar memes. Adding the gif to your post about your product’s new user-friendly update fits well. On the other hand, a post that just lists down some uninteresting facts would not be a good fit for this meme.

Final Words

Attracting new likes and followers on Facebook translates into good business. And that is the most important goal of any brand or organization. Knowing what to include to attract followers on your Facebook page is vital. Thankfully, there are great lessons in Rachel Miller’s Moolah Marketing system on the current social media environment. Even better, it gets constant updates to up your Facebook Marketing Game. Check it out!

And for more news, tips, and information on raising your social media success, keep your eye out on Kobra.Social regularly for updates!

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