Moolah Review: Grow Your Audience Facebook Course

Facebook marketing has evolved ever since its inception. Truth of the matter is, the entire social media marketing climate has changed from what was the norm just 10 years ago! And with that evolution, everybody and his brother have come up with “winning” Facebook marketing strategies that promises guaranteed results.

Sure. And pigs have tiny wings that make them fly.

Ok, the truth is there are Facebook marketing strategies THAT DO WORK, and work well. BUT, and it’s a “but” that’s big enough to make Sir-Mix-A-Lot write a song about it (Word, to the Gen X out there who get that reference), they are few and far in between. Cutting through the fluff and hype can be tricky, because it is hard to tell apart the legitimate feedback from the paid “success stories”.

And this is only for those marketing strategy courses that mainly highlight the value of paid Facebook ads in the curriculum, NEVER MIND THE ONES THAT CENTER ON BUILDING FACEBOOK ORGANIC FOLLOWING INTO THE 6-FIGURE MARK. Successful Facebook organic marketing is like the “Holy Grail”: the stuff of legends and probably just as real.

2.4 Billion Facebook Users
Who wouldn’t want their piece of the 2.4-billion-active-Facebook-users pie?

Rachel Miller’s Moolah Marketing

With that personal skeptical perspective in place, you can imagine how cautiously I approached Rachel Miller’s Facebook marketing strategies course (hyped up as “Moolah” Marketing). I have heard of Rachel Miller’s course from the grapevine and I would be remiss if I did not give it the time of day. However, I did approach it with the level of care a forensics expert that would make any fan of police procedurals proud.

You can tell I pull no punches. If something sucks, I will say it sucks. BUT, if something does click and works, I will be the first person on the bullhorn promoting it. Nobody likes investing in something that turns out to be a “lemon” (i.e. does not work as advertised, if at all).

So how does Rachel Miller’s Growing Your Audience course weigh in with my exacting standards?

It’s a heavyweight championship contender, that’s for sure.

A Brief Summary of Rachel Miller’s Moolah Marketing

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it helps to have some background on the author of the course and what she offers.

Facebook Marketing Course Review

Rachel Miller has been in the online social media marketing business for several years. A “mom blogger” at first, Rachel Miller has put out bestselling books and her online presence and social media pages have attracted millions of followers. So from that alone, you can surmise how much “capital” her input can generate.

Later on, Rachel Miller produced lessons and courses online that cashes in on her personal successes and reputation to help others build their own online presence. With an estimated audience return of 10 Million+, that is certainly a remarkable achievement. But can her methods and strategies in building content that attracts attention on social media be applied by others? That’s what I was intent on finding out for myself.

So… What Exactly is “Moolah Marketing”?

First, I give credit to Rachel Miller for coming up with a catch phrase that gets attention. “Moolah Marketing” is inspired and does not take a genius to figure out what it’s about. Any marketing specialist will tell you, that is a big deal when it comes to branding and cognitive retention.

But a great catch phrase can only take things so far, but if it does not have the “meat” to back it up, it would be quickly forgotten. Most people are instinctively hardwired to remember the bad more than the good. I am happy to report, however, that that is not the case with Rachel Miller’s Growing Your Audience strategies course.

Rachel Miller Facebook Course Before and After

The Growing Your Audience strategies course by Rachel Miller is a six module training program that takes the same number of weeks to apply in full. Each module covers a different area, as follows:

  • Module 1 – Your Page: Specifically, this module is fixated on crafting and developing the Facebook Page for your brand or business. It elaborates on what works and what doesn’t, given Facebook’s often eccentric rules.
  • Module 2 – Your Content: Continuing from the previous module, this second module focuses on what kind of content posts and ads work in generating organic following on Facebook.
  • Module 3 – Your Audiences: This module mainly focuses on growing the audience base that is already established to branch out to their connections, including the ideal number of times to post on Facebook and how to re-purpose old content.
  • Module 4 – Your Targeting: Expanding on the prior module, this part of the course tackles how to make Facebook algorithms work in your page’s favor, particularly when there is an influx of new likes or followings.
  • Module 5 – Your Sales: More tactics to make use of Facebook’s algorithms, but specifically to turn attention to retention and then revenue and sales. This part of Rachel Miller’s course is geared toward maximizing the return of investment.
  • Module 6 – Beyond Facebook: The last module in the Growing Your Audience course is more of an “everything and the kitchen sink” approach on how to apply what was learned to achieve success on other platforms online. Personally, this is the most worthwhile module as the lessons here can have a broader range of applications in building your audience and engagement that eventually translates to revenue growth.

Well, Does Moolah Work?

I went and dived into this, fully prepared to wail on it and how much of a money sink it is.

…Except I can’t.

Rachel Miller’s “Moolah Marketing” REALLY DOES WORK. I could not believe it myself at first, but seeing the numbers on my Facebook page grow with every application from the modules were mind-numbingly accurate. So, I will say this: Rachel Miller made a believer in me (and trust me, that is an achievement in and of itself).

Now, that might sound like it is all rose petals and sunshine, but there are a few caveats that makes Rachel Miller’s Growing Your Audience strategies course JUST to the left of perfect. Let me break down the pros and cons to you:


  1. You Get a TON of stuff. Like Seriously. – There is a LOT of very useful information and application potential for what you get in Rachel’s Growing Your Audience course. The Facebook strategies alone are worth the entrance fee to this educational module series. There is much here that the beginner or even seasoned Facebook marketing veteran to learn from.
  2. Not Boring – There are many “experts” out in the internet hawking their version of “pay me, get multitudes of followers” shticks, but a lot of them, while probably useful, are about as entertaining as watching paint dry. Not Rachel Miller, though. She gives off a dynamic, quirky persona that would give most infotainment hosts a run for their money.

    I, personally, cannot stand a droll instructor and I would lose patience with that kind of presentation. Rachel makes it easier to pay attention on each module with her charm and teaching skills. Her background as a high school teacher for economics classes were well implemented throughout the course. I don’t know if that’s really how she is, but I was sufficiently convinced.

  3. After Sales Benefits – A product can be great, but if the aftersales stink, popular support for it would eventually peter off. Rachel manages to avoid this pitfall by having a strong post sale strategy in place. Investing into the Growing Your Audience course includes access to the private Facebook Group which Rachel is regularly interacting with. She happily addresses questions and concerns, challenges and further education for its members.
  4. More than that, the “Moolah Marketing” course itself is constantly updated. This is important, considering how ever changing the Facebook marketing landscape is. Although most of the concepts and strategies found in the course are evergreen, updates are essential to keep with the pace of the times.
  5. Real Results – Having access to the private Facebook group, you can gauge your own performance with their success. It is always good to know how others are faring and learn from their experiences as well. It is one thing to hear it from the author who is selling you the product, it’s quite another to see it manifest in someone on the same boat as you. And you get to find ideas that you might not have come up with yourself.
  6. Wide Applications – Rachel’s course isn’t just useful for Facebook marketing, but to a vast array of marketing strategies as well. Building from a small investment into a successful organic campaign is not a small feat, but Rachel Miller delivers the goods. Site and affiliate marketing tactics would benefit greatly from the material included in the “Moolah Marketing” course. That’s added value to an already excellent product.


  1. The Price – Let’s get this out of the way. Is the course worth the price? Yes, it most definitely is. However, that is not to say it isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. It is a substantial investment for the little tadpole playing in a big pool. That said, that little tadpole will likely be able to recoup the cost in revenues in applying Rachel’s strategies.
  2. There’s a TON of stuff – This is a minor quibble, but there is a lot of information to digest. Despite the excellent presentation and making things newbie friendly, the modules can feel like an information overload at times. It is recommended to take things at a comfortable pace. It is more important to completely understand the mechanics and methodology Rachel promotes than trying to absorb it as fast as you can.
  3. Updates Can be Too Long in Coming – While it is great that the video and materials are consistently updated, they can be a while. With how fast the Facebook algorithms and marketing trends change, it can be detrimental to your overall marketing blueprint if the strategies you are aware of become inapplicable or obsolete in the interim. Still, this can be circumvented by the fact that Rachel constantly keeps her patrons aware of changes through her Facebook groups and other online platforms.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, I had serious reservations about the Moolah course, but all things considered, it is one of the best investments you can make if you want to up your Facebook audience growing and facebook marketing game.
Honest Customer Review of Moolah

I highly recommend Rachel Miller’s Growing Your Audience strategies course. There are very few courses available in the same vein that offers as much and is as supremely useful to both new and veteran online entrepreneurs alike. Put it simply: Rachel Miller’s Facebook Marketing strategy course receives top notch ratings from me!

If you found this review helpful and are about to order the Moolah course, consider ordering it through here. I may get a small compensation in return (which helps me come out with more awesome content like this), but rest assured it does not make me less critical of the course (as is evident in the CONS section above).

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