Best Practices for Facebook Marketing

22 Mar

The Facebook Marketing system has shown no signs of slowing down. The social media platform has significantly evolved in the past few years. To a certain extent, it has reached a level of complexity that can be daunting to beginners. However, there are some best practices that every Facebook marketer can apply.

There are experts like Rachel Miller (through her Moolah Marketing Facebook Marketing course) that teach the more in-depth nuances. But one can look at the following points to start with. These best practices for Facebook Marketing can be useful for those just starting or as a refresher for veterans.

Be Clear with Your Objective

Here is a straightforward point about Facebook advertising. Do not rely on gut instinct whenever you are putting up a Facebook advertising campaign. I cannot stress this enough. Have a clear and achievable objective for your Facebook marketing.
We can break the possible objectives into the following:

  • Reach – The goal is to present the advertising to the most number of people. Maximizing the audience is priority. This is the broadest goal
  • Awareness – This is similar to Reach, but this is more specific. It aims to present the brand and/or product to the most interested audience.
  • Engagement – Another objective that is similar to Reach. However, this is not simply about maximizing the number of audience. It is more focused on making the audience engage the ad or post. This can be through Likes or Clicks.
  • Traffic – This objective is the intent to get the audience to visit your business’s home website, not just the Facebook page.
  • Lead Generation – In some ways, this is an offshoot of the Traffic objective. However, your goal is collecting contact information. This is usually in the form of email addresses.
  • App Downloads – This objective is to convince the audience to download and install your business’s app. Often, this will direct the ad to the website or a platform like Google Play Store or the iOS Apple store.
  • These are the most often designated objectives for Facebook Marketing campaigns. When you have a clear objective, you are already ahead of many other marketers starting out on the platform.

    Facebook Box of Likes
    If your Facebook Marketing Objective is getting a lot of likes, focus on that!

    Maximize Your Budget

    There can never be a list of Facebook Marketing best practices without touching on how to maximize your budget. This is particularly the case if you are representing a small or medium range business. Let’s face it: you will not have the same freedom and scope as big businesses do with your Facebook marketing.
    With that said, you can still take advantage of the Facebook Marketing options to accomplish more with less. Essentially, your mindset with this best practice is making the most with what you have. Facebook does offer tools with budget optimization. If you know how to navigate and apply the options effectively, you can accomplish a lot!
    Setting ad sets for budget optimization does have a caveat. If you use Facebook’s budget optimization, you will have to take compromises in reaching your objectives. Take all areas into consideration before making your decision with this major point.

    Use All Available Placement Options (Carefully!)
    The great thing about Facebook Marketing is that it is not specifically limited to just Facebook’s Desktop Feed. Remember that Facebook also includes Instagram, Facebook Stories, Facebook Audience Network, and the mobile feed.
    It is easy to neglect that there is more to the social media platform than just the desktop. This is why Facebook Ad placement optimization is an important best practice to efficiently apply. If your budget allows for it, use all the ad placements available. But before you do, study the audience and the objective. The reason for this is not all of the placement options contribute to the attainment of the goal.
    For instance, if your goal is app downloads, then using Facebook Stories is probably not going to help with that. Keep these limitations in mind!


    Facebook Marketing strategies can be overwhelming if you allow it to be. But make no mistake: there are best practices you can learn to apply effectively. You just have to have the patience to learn everything you can before jumping in.
    This is why I highly recommend Rachel Miller’s Moolah Marketing. It is an invaluable resource for both new and old hats in the Facebook advertising game. You can find the full review RIGHT HERE!

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