The Benefits and Disadvantages of Social Media

25 Jan

Technology has become the order of the day in our current world, and many depend on it to go by their daily lives. As a result, individuals have become quick to explore the numerous advantages of computers and mobile phones. Not only do we find these devices exciting, but we also depend on them for several important activities such as communication, entertainment, getting information, and social media

Social Media is a computer-based technology that supports sending and receiving content, ideas, and information through websites and applications. 

How to organize your social media engagements

Social media technology has experienced a rapid growth rate across different countries since its development. It enjoys an extensively wide range of acceptability across the world, and its uses are becoming more pronounced daily. There are four main categories of social media, according to their services. 

  • Social Networking ( Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp, LinkedIn) 
  • Micro-blogging (Twitter, Tumblr)
  • Photo Sharing (Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat)  
  • Video sharing (YouTube, Periscope, Facebook Live) 

When asked about social media in a recent study, many participants conceded that social media helps them connect more than they would have in the real world. 

This article will discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages of social media. 

Benefits of Social Media

In the United States alone, the number of people on social media and the percentage usage shot up from 8% in 2005 to an impressive 73% in 2020. The reasons behind this massive rise can be traced to the several excellent advantages of the various social media platforms. These benefits include:


This is a significant advantage of social media. It helps connect people, regardless of place and time, and is a reliable medium of communication. What’s more, with its fantastic features that allow for multiple contacts, it also connects groups of people. 

Online marketing

Because of social media’s wide acceptance, its coverage has spread across almost every community in the world. This is an added advantage for business owners because it can provide broader coverage for their marketing efforts. 

Many businesses have moved the majority of their operations online, especially the promotion and marketing of their goods and services. This is because of the great results that social media produces for businesses. Also, with the ever-growing rate of social media users, there is a promise of even better results. 


Another essential aspect of life that social media has helped improve is education. The social media platforms are instrumental for research, communicating ideas, and conducting online lectures and assessments.

As a result, both students and teachers alike have employed this technique to help better their courses.

Updates and Information 

Another significant benefit of social media is that you can get any information you want at your disposal with just a little research. Thus, if you wish to stay updated about happenings worldwide, it is just clicks away with social media.  


Social Media does not only provide a means of getting information. It also serves as a valid avenue to disperse information and create awareness. 

Social Media platforms

Disadvantages of Social Media

As there are benefits to social media, there are also disadvantages. Here are just a few:

Privacy problems

Irrespective of the privacy policies put in place by social media platforms, there are still risks of individuals’ accounts being hacked or personal information being exposed. 


Social Media can be very addictive if not used with caution, and the rate of social media addiction, especially among teenagers, has become alarming in recent times. The primary effect is that when individuals get too engrossed in social media, they seem to be cut off from the real world around them. 


This has become an elaborate issue in recent years, and more victims are emerging every day. Because social media accounts are hardly traceable, some people take advantage of it to send intimidating messages, spread rumors, and even issue death threats, which can be very harmful to others’ mental health. 

Health problems

More time on social media automatically means less time exercising and paying attention to other essential aspects of life like hygiene, nutrition, and healthy relationships. This can lead to several health disturbances. 

Bottom Line

Social media is very beneficial in almost every aspect of life. However, it comes with some disadvantages too. If you wish to effectively use the technology you must be aware of the benefits and disadvantages of social media and find a balance.

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