Examining Blog Posts vs. Social Media Posts

18 Jan


Digital marketing, as we know it, has become very prominent in the business world today. This is because of the awe-inspiring opportunities and returns it generates. Marketers and business owners cannot afford to miss out on this great opportunity. Although it requires some degree of inputs, it is unarguably among the top marketing strategies in existence. 

The effectiveness of digital marketing, however, depends on how much of your audience you can reach using the various online platforms. Two very notable online marketing methods proven to be quite advantageous and efficient for engaging audiences online are blog posts and social media posts. 

In this article, we will be examining blog posts vs. social media posts. Also, we will see their various advantages, usage, and when to adopt either of them to promote your business better. 

Blog Posts 

A blog post can be referred to as an article published on an informational web page popularly known as “blogs.” These articles and posts are often entered in an informal or diary patterned manner. 

Blogs are mostly used to draw traffic to websites due to continuous update of exciting and significant posts. 

Although some blog posts can stretch up to 2,000 words, depending on the topic and layout of posts, the regular length limit of blog posts is upwards of 500 words. Also, they often include keywords and links to products and services for advertisement purposes. 

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Social Media Posts 

Social media posts involve messages added to a page on any social media platform. The type of content you can post on social media differs depending on the platform you choose. For example, platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow almost all kind of posts, while others like Instagram and YouTube specializes in pictures and video contents, respectively. Each forum, however, has unique terms of usages and restrictions. 

For marketing purposes, social media posts are targeted at drawing the attention of interested individuals to a specific topic while linking them to your products or website. 

Advantages of Blog Posts 

On most occasions, blog posts are used to add updated information to web pages. It is often used to educate your audience and keep them informed on new developments. 

Businesses always take advantage of this platform to keep their customers updated about new products and promotions. 

One significant advantage of blog posts over social media posts is that blog posts retain their relevance for a more extended period. Considering that blog posts are mostly not event-driven, their significance can last for a very long time. This is unlike social media posts, which are often event-driven. 

In cases where you need to explain a topic extensively to your audience, blog posts are also preferred because they are longer and have a broader context capacity. 

Advantages of Social Media Posts 

The most outstanding advantage of social media platforms over other digital marketing platforms remains that it offers a wider range of audiences. Hence, social media posts are equally long-reaching and can be seen by a larger audience compared to blog posts.  

Another advantage of social media posts is that they are relatively easy to make. This results from the fact that social media posts are short-form content and as such, producing them is often not as tasking as blog posts. 

Also, viewers often prefer social media posts because its transient nature makes it a lot easier to take in. 

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Limitations: Blog Posts vs. Social Media Posts

For blog posts, the major limitation is that it takes a longer period and many inputs to build and maintain a stable audience. Also, because blogs depend on search engines to attract viewers, and the number of viewers that posts get is limited.  

On the other hand, social media posts are reliant on their respective social media platforms for distribution. This means that although they attract a larger audience, posts are limited to only the platform in which they are uploaded. Because of this, it is almost impossible for social media posts to pop up on search engines. 

Bottom Line

The key to getting the most out of these platforms is knowing which to use for specific purposes and when to use them. All the points discussed in this article will help you greatly. 

Moreover, companies now adopt a rounded strategy that allows them to make use of blog posts on websites and social media platforms. 

You, too, can adopt this strategy to reach a broader audience and enjoy the benefits from both platforms to promote your business. 

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