Important Facts to Know About Instagram Marketing 

14 Dec

To create an effective Instagram marketing strategy, you need to know some facts about Instagram marketing. These facts and statistics are essential factors in developing a system that will work for your business. 

Instagram has come a long way from people using it to just like and post pictures. It is now a space to carry out business and shopping as well. According to statistics, 90% of Instagram users follow a brand. And 83% of Instagram users have discovered products or services from Instagram. 

I use Instagram to search for products and services all the time. And more people than you think do that as well. Did you know that 80% of Instagram users have made a purchase based on a product or service they discovered on the platform? 

So, if you plan on staying competitive in the market, you need to get in on the massive market. What vital facts are you missing that are crucial to your marketing goals? In this piece, I’ll talk about essential statistics and facts you should know about Instagram marketing. 

Ready? Let’s get started!

Users and Demographics 

Instagram is the largest social media channel after Facebook, with over one billion users. And more than 500 million posts are uploaded daily on Instagram. 

Furthermore, it is also the most accessed platform after Facebook. About 60% of its users say they visit Instagram at least once per day, and 42% of that number says they check the platform multiple times per day. While about 21% say they visit weekly. The average Instagram user spends an average of 53 minutes on the platform. 

An iPhone showing Instagram posts near a Macbook

Demographics of Users

The gender mix on Instagram is almost even, with 52% of users being female, and 48% male. However, the ratio varies in different countries. Therefore, you cannot assume anything about your followers; use social analytics tools to get detailed information about them. 

When it comes to age, Instagram is more popular with younger users. There are more Gen Z users than any other generation; they are followed by millennials. 

Instagram Business Profile and Buyer Behavior 

Instagram has a significant impact on its users’ buying behaviour. In fact, 83% of Instagram users said that Instagram has helped them discover new products and services. And 81% says Instagram makes it easier to reach products and services. Moreover, 80% of users confirmed they have made a purchase based on what they discovered on the platform. 

According to a Facebook survey, businesses or brands can positively impact their audience by being on Instagram. About 78% of respondents perceived brands on Instagram to be popular, creative, entertaining, and relevant. As such, you can improve people’s perspective of your brand by being on Instagram.

Additionally, the Instagram stories feature is a great way to showcase your products and give a short glimpse of your business behind the scenes. Your “Highlights” also acts as a display case or show glass for your best products.

A man liking a photo on Instagram

How Instagram Users Find Product Information 

Instagram users find product information by using several features on Instagram. As such, you need to take advantage of each unique feature in your Instagram marketing for the best results. After all, 87% of people confirmed taking action after seeing product information on Instagram. 

According to the Facebook survey, people discover more information about products and services on Instagram in the following ways:

  • Clicking on the Learn More button to be redirected to the brand website. 
  • Use hashtags to see how people are using the products.
  • Read comments and reviews. 

Make use of all these unique features by adding your brand information and content. 

Brand Content on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram marketing, your brand content is essential for providing product information. On average, businesses post at least 2.5 times every week on Instagram. 

When asked about how brand content influenced their buying process, 42% of people said it helped discover new products. In addition, 44% said it helped them get further information about a product. 

Expand your Instagram marketing by putting up content that can engage with your target audience. The Instagram stories are a great place to put up engaging content. One-third of the most viewed stories per day are from businesses. Furthermore, 62% of people said they became interested in a product after seeing it in the stories section. 

Instagram Ads 

With Instagram ads, businesses have the potential to reach over 800 million users, especially youths. Influencers’ sponsored ads are great for reaching a broader audience, promoting your brand, and driving sales. 

In conclusion, Instagram marketing has proven to be a powerful business tool to drive sales and promote brand awareness. You can tap into this potential for your brand by creating an effective Instagram marketing strategy. Here are some tips to help you in creating an effective strategy.

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