2 Facebook Marketing Trends in 2020 to Watch

5 Jan

Happy New Year 2020!

With a brand new year, this also means some brand new developments in the social media marketing, in general. Facebook marketing, specifically has had a string of new developments. There will always be room for “tried and tested” Facebook marketing strategies, like “Moolah Marketing”, but we all also have to come to grips with the fact that these can be supplemented (or in rare occasions superseded) by new applications, methods, and techniques.

What are the major Facebook Marketing Trends that we should start studying (worrying? nah) about this year 2020? There are actually a lot of speculations from different sources. These range from “boogey men” conspiracy nuts that Facebook is going to require retinal scans to use (maybe in another 30 years), to more realistic projections like videos becoming more and more prevalent as the content of choice for building views.

Personally, I hate change. But what can you do except to adapt and work on excelling with each new development? For my 2 cents, here are 2 Major Facebook Marketing Trends in 2020 to watch out for: The increase in Facebook Videos (through Facebook Watch Party and Facebook Live features) and Facebook Stories.

Facebook Marketing Trends in 2020
Do You Know what 2 Major Facebook Marketing Trends you should look out for in 2020?

More Facebook Watch Parties, More Facebook Live Streaming Videos

2019 saw an uptick in the number of watch parties ever since the feature was rolled out in 2018. Conservative estimates put the increase of Facebook Watch Party use to be in the 70% range higher than in 2018 since its launch. Facebook Live has been around for longer, having been launched in 2016.

What is significant about this is that these two video features on the platform will continue to evolve. Perhaps they will completely overtake the regular posts. As newer devices make it easier than ever to stream live videos, Facebook Marketing adherents should take steps in taking stock of applying these in their strategies for 2020 and beyond. Ultimately, the Facebook Watch Party and Facebook Live features offer opportunities to engage that the standard “post and respond” tactics could never accomplish.

Let’s face it: many people have a short attention span. For instance, take a standard Facebook Marketing post. Let us assume it had great content. Still, there will be some people who see it, yet would not act immediately upon its posting. That leads to a loss of engagement and potential interest. With a Facebook Watch Party or a Facebook Live video, the targeted audience can see almost immediately whether the post is engaging and can respond accordingly. It would also be prudent to host videos on the Facebook platform more than redirecting to external sites. While this seems counter to what is the standard practice for Facebook Marketers, this is effective.

Facebook Live Facebook Watch Party Usage Increase
Facebook Live and Facebook Watch Party will be dominant in social media marketing.

Facebook Stories: Tell Me More

Snapchat has become a worthy rival of Facebook. However, its initial popularity boom has settled from its 2018 numbers going into 2020. A large reason for this is because of Facebook’s own Facebook Stories feature gaining prominence in 2019. The fact that there is 1 Billion + Facebook Stories that are shared every single day is a huge indicator that Facebook Marketing Strategies should take advantage of this feature this 2020.

Similar to the trend with Facebook Live and Facebook Watch Party, Facebook Stories give an opportunity for targeted audiences to be notified without relying on the newsfeed algorithm. While Facebook Marketing strategists are still working out the kinks on how to fully incorporate this feature into their arsenal, do expect 2020 to make grand strides in doing so.

What other Facebook Marketing Trends are on the Horizon?

The reason for all of this is this promotes retention. By keeping the engagement within the Facebook platform, audiences will not feel they are being compelled to do something (i.e. go to an external site) just to discover something new. Thus, expect Facebook Marketing entrepreneurs to leverage the use of the Facebook Watch Party, Facebook Live, and Facebook Stories tools more as 2020 progresses.

There will be more Facebook Marketing trends to look out for as the year 2020 and the decade move forward. It is simply unavoidable. One of the primary reasons why I follow and subscribe to Rachel Miller’s Facebook Marketing strategies course (a.k.a. “Moolah Marketing”) is because of Rachel’s commitment to keep the lessons and modules in it fresh and up-to-date. The video lessons from Rachel Miller are updated to incorporate any of the new technologies, systems, and procedures. This is to maximize capitalizing on how to use them in one’s own branding tactics.

Check out my in-depth review of Rachel Miller’s Moolah Marketing right here. And follow the main page for more news, reviews, tips, and updates of Facebook Marketing strategies in the future!

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