Top Social Media Content Ideas

30 Nov

Social media content is a great way to increase your brand awareness, customer engagement, leads generation, and sales promotion. In order to stay competitive in the market and engage your followers, good social media content is essential.

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have helped many brands connect with and convert their target audience. The best part about using social media is that you don’t spend a fortune on your marketing, unlike traditional marketing. Besides, you can target people from across the world regardless of their location.

However, to tap into all these potentials, you need an effective content strategy. Posting relevant social media content can boost your engagements, expose your brand to new potential customers, and boost sales.

Here are some tips to help you create relevant posts for your social media content.

Tips for Your Social Media Content

  • Apply the 80-20 rule to your social media content. This means 80% of your content should engage, inform, or entertain your audience. Only 20% should be for sales promotion or brand awareness.
  • Use a social media content calendar to plan your posts. That way, you can plan and organize your posts ahead of time.
  • Create content specific to your target audience. Make sure your audience/customers can relate and become engaged with your social media content.
  • Create content appropriate for each social media platform. Each social media channel serves different purposes, which means you can’t use the exact content you created on Twitter for LinkedIn. Try to be as formal or informal as each platform requires and create appropriate content.
  • Whatever your social media goals are, make sure you state them specifically for yourself and work toward them. Your posts should then reflect your business goals.
  • Create brand guidelines to guide your social media posts. How do you want to portray your business online? Your social media content should reflect these business ideas.

Coming up with engaging social media content for your posts weekly might seem like a lot of work. If you have been battling with creating new and unique content, here are some things to consider.

In this post, I’ll talk about different social media content you can post to increase engagement and boost your brand awareness.

1. Relevant High-Quality Visuals

An iPhone showing Instagram posts near a Macbook

Your audience will engage more with visual content like photos or infographics. You can create a post with high-quality product photos or infographics. Moreover, by using visuals, you can tell your business stories more effectively.

Remember, social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat are visual-first.

As such, your posts will appear next to cute cat videos, funny images, and “aww” pictures of friends and family members in your followers’ feed. Amid all these engaging visual-first posts, you have to ensure your posts can get equal amounts of attention from your audience.

2. Reviews and Feedback

Posting your customers’ reviews and feedback is an excellent way to show your brand’s integrity and build brand loyalty. Additionally, reviews from your customers can help you get fresh ideas about what needs improvement in your business.

Ask your customers for reviews and feedback when they receive your products or services. Furthermore, make sure you ask for their permission before you post their thoughts and feedback.

3. Video Content

Short videos have been proven to be more engaging than either visuals or text posts. By creating interesting short videos for your brand or sales promotion, you can see great engagement and comments from your followers. Moreover, short video clips are easy to make and require minimal editing.

Many social media platforms provide the option to post video content. Social media channels like YouTube and Snapchat are specifically designed for video content.

Additionally, you can use your video content to show the different processes in product creation. This will lead to higher-viewed posts that can help promote your brand.

4. How-to Videos and Tutorials

How-to and instructional videos on social media

How-to and tutorial posts are useful in informing and engaging your audience. Identify a common point of interest for your audience and create a post on how to solve those issues.

Video contents are a great way to further engage and inform your followers on your how-to posts. Create short videos to explain the processes.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t continue to use text posts for this purpose as well. You can use bulleted points to explain the steps on how to do something along with the video contents.

5. Share Your Blog Posts as Social Media Content

Share a link in your social media posts to direct your audience to blog posts on your website. You can use this to direct traffic to your website.

Put up a link to the post with a few sentences to get people to click on the link.

<6. Create a Poll for Your Followers

Creating a poll is an excellent way to engage with your followers and get their opinions about an issue. Polls are like invites for your audience to engage with you and your brand. They share their thoughts and spend more time on your account.

Most social media platforms have the option to create polls. Leverage on that and engage more with your audience!

7. Behind-the-Scenes Posts

A camera shows behind-the-scenes posts

Giving your customers and audience an insight into what happens behind-the-scenes in your business is an excellent way to build brand awareness and create a loyal audience.

You can use your different social platforms to post incredible photos and videos for your followers to see. Post pictures of your workplace, employees, or any other aspect of your brand you wouldn’t usually post on your social media platform but believe your followers would enjoy.

A short video of employees or even of yourself having fun or enjoying your work activity is an excellent example of behind-the-scenes content you can post.

8. Inspirational Posts

There is never a shortage of inspirational posts to use as your social media content. If you ever find yourself running out of what to post, just put some inspirational quotes for your audience.

Use quotes that are relevant and useful to your target audience. You can also come up with inspirational quotes yourself.

9. Post Your Employees

Posting information and photos of your employees and yourself helps your followers put faces to the brand. This is great for helping your audience connect and engage with your brand.

Create some posts with photos of yourself or your employee and post them. You can use unaware pictures of your employees at work or fun pictures of them goofing around.

10. Share Interesting News

Sharing exciting news or updates about upcoming events is an excellent idea for your posts.

Sharing snippets of an upcoming project is also excellent content to post on your social media platforms. Moreover, it is a great way to advertise a product before it becomes available. You can use these update posts to build excitement about an upcoming product or service.

Managing your social media content becomes more manageable with these content tips and ideas. Keep in mind that social media is for building and maintaining relationships. Your content should be as engaging for your followers as possible.

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