Best Instagram Marketing Strategies 

23 Nov


Instagram marketing has become an essential part of social media marketing because of its effectiveness and reach. With over one billion users, it is the social media platform with the most organic reach after Facebook. 

If you are a business or brand owner, and you are planning to stay competitive, then you should definitely be on Instagram to generate a broader audience. An effective Instagram marketing strategy will help you promote your brand, drive sales, and generate leads with a low budget. 

Additionally, Instagram allows you to connect and engage with your target audience regardless of wherever you are in the world. 

On the other hand, without a proper marketing strategy, you can get little to no returns on your page for months. 

Is this your situation? You do all the work—post when you can, set up ads, follow tons of accounts. Yet, you are stuck with less than 1000 followers with no lead generation and no returns on the money spent. At this stage, you are confused and unsure of what you are doing wrong. 

It is all in your Instagram marketing strategy! An effective Instagram marketing strategy will help you meet your business goals while saving you stress and time. 

In this post, I’ll go through some great Instagram marketing strategies to help you achieve your ideal marketing strategies. Let’s get started!

Create Your Instagram Marketing Goals

Before you start creating content or posting on your Instagram account, make sure you have outlined your marketing goals. Your Instagram marketing goals should go hand-in-hand with your business goals. 

Therefore, if your business goal is currently to drive brand awareness, then your marketing goals should be close to that. Besides, you can always change your Instagram marketing goals at any time, should those goals be no longer a priority. 

Keep in mind that your goals should be SMART—Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. 

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Use a Business Profile for Your Instagram Marketing 

Ensure you are using a business profile for your page. There are several benefits associated with a business profile on Instagram. For example, a follower can get in touch with you by just clicking on your contact button as they would from your website. 

Furthermore, with your business profile, you can create and publish your Instagram ads without using Facebook tools. Additionally, you get more analytical tools that help you track your metric progress better.

Post Content Regularly 

Posting once a month or when you feel like posting is not going to cut it if you want to lead a successful social media account. You want your business to be fresh and unique in the minds of your target audience. On the other hand, you also don’t want to overcrowd your followers’ feed. 

Try and post about 1 to 3 times per day on your Instagram page. On average, big brands post 1.5 times per day. Check out these tips for organizing your social engagements

If you are running low on what to post, here are the top social media content ideas for creating content. 

Don’t Post Too Much Promotional Content  

Avoid posting promotional content in each post. This may put off your followers and reduce engagement on your posts. 

Instead, try to entertain, inform, and engage your followers with most of your posts. You can try out several types of posts, from funny to informative, whatever works best for you and your brand. There are also several approaches you can use to plan your content. 

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Partner with Instagram Influencers   

The fastest way for you to show your products and services to a broader audience is through Instagram influencers. 

Furthermore, people will likely buy your products and services when it is showcased by an influential person they know. With the right influencers, you can promote your brand, increase your number of followers, drive sales, and so on. 

Identify influencers that have an audience relevant to your brand. For example, if your business sells outdoor gear, partner with a celebrity biker or an influential hiker on Instagram. 

Use UGC on Your Page for Your Instagram Marketing 

UGC refers to User-Generated-Content, these are content generated by your followers. For example, you can post a picture taken by one of your followers.

Your audience is likely to enjoy UGC because it is authentic and unpredictable. Moreover, you can drive more engagement with those types of posts. 

Use Relevant Hashtags in Your Instagram Marketing 

Relevant and interactive hashtags are a great way to reach a broader audience and drive engagement. Therefore, always make sure to include hashtags in your posts. 

You can make use of relevant existing hashtags or come up with your own. Coming up with your branded hashtags can also be used by your customers to generate UGC. This is especially useful when you are organizing a contest or giveaways.  

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Learn to Write Captions Like a Pro 

Your caption is essential in attracting your audience to your brand, products, and services. It’s all in what you write.

With the right words, you can influence your audience to take the desired action with just a few lines. As such, you should learn how to write your captions like a pro. Remember to include strong call to action (CTAs) phrases in your captions.

Use Sponsored Ads 

With sponsored ads, you can target and reach out to a larger audience on Instagram. Sponsored ads can help you increase your followers, drive brand awareness, and promote sales, among other great benefits. 

Instagram sponsored ads are a lot like Facebook ads. You can apply effective Facebook ads campaign strategies to your Instagram marketing as well. Also, make sure your sponsored ads campaign is targeted toward your ideal audiences for the best result. 

These marketing strategies are sure to help improve your Instagram account and increase your followers. Keep in mind that Instagram, like every social media platform, is for building and maintaining relationships. Your marketing strategies should not only focus on promoting your brand but should consider your followers’ interests as well. 

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