Facebook Marketing: What is the Big Deal?

3 Feb

Funny thing I have been asked recently from colleagues and friends: Why is it a big deal to use Facebook Marketing?

I was THIS close to doing a Homer impression of his famous “D’oh!” reaction. But then I got to thinking. Not everybody is privy to how exactly a Facebook Marketing campaign is to be effectively leveraged. As popular and commonplace using Facebook has become since it started in 2004, it is surprising that there are still a lot of people mystified with how it works (or how to make it work).

While the social media platform has become more prolific as a marketing tool, there is still some complexity that flies above the head of most people. This is why experts like Rachel Miller through her Facebook Marketing course (aka Moolah Marketing) play a very important role in helping others to not just understand how the system works, but also how to best implement them on their own.

After some time thinking, I figured this is an opportunity to discuss the basics of what makes Facebook a great online marketing vehicle. There are a few key points about the deal with Facebook Marketing. These include cost-effective visibility, fast feedback and response, growth potential, and customization options.

Facebook Marketing has Cost-effective Visibility

Here is a simple fact. Facebook has billions of users on a daily basis. In 2019, there were over 1.6 billion DAU (daily active users) and a monthly average of 2.5 billion users. These are LARGE numbers, by any measure of the imagination. And yet, this visibility comes at a very affordable cost, comparatively speaking.

And by comparatively speaking, we mean other social media platforms like Google and YouTube. While still dependent on various factors like features and regularity, the costs for a Facebook Marketing campaign is a fraction of what other platforms would charge.

One thing to note, is that a Facebook Marketing campaign cannot be your sole means of marketing. Still, it is a very affordable option if you want to boost your business’s online presence.

Facebook Marketing Provides Fast Feedback

Quick feedback is something that any marketer will tell you is key to successful campaigns. Traditionally, a business would have to go through tedious mailing surveys (through actual postage and letters) or phone cold calling in order to gauge the pulse of their audience or consumer base.

While there are updated methods similar to this (such as email and website posts), Facebook posts, direct messages, even the built-in chatbots, offer some of the fastest response methods today. This is particularly important when a business is promoting something new, whether it is a brand, a product, or a service.

Getting the “news” out there quickly is worth its weight in gold, and Facebook Marketing can accomplish this if you know how.

Facebook has a Consistent Growth Potential

A marketing platform that is fast with responses is great. But if it is stagnant, then it is not very good in the long run. Fortunately, Facebook does not have that particular problem. Facebook has continued to grow, virtually doubling its audience base every year.

You can tell this is the case just by the new developments the platform has added to its features. There’s Facebook Video, Facebook Live, Facebook Instant Articles, Facebook Shopping, Facebook at Work, and many other new additions in the past decade. These are clear signs of continued growth, which is also an indication that the platform as a marketing tool is here for the long haul.

Facebook Marketers Hard at Work
Facebook Marketing is BIG, but don’t make it difficult!

Facebook has High Customization

Since we’re on the topic of Facebook developments, it leads us to how customizable the platform is. Facebook’s custom-targeted audience particularly exemplifies this point. The Facebook Custom Audience tool provides a means of targeting specific groups that a business has already built a database. This database can be through a list of contacts compiled online by their email addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information.

And that’s just one of the features that a marketing specialist can use. With the cornucopia of other tools at their disposal from a Facebook Business account’s page and ad manager interface, there is virtually unlimited potential for Facebook Marketing.

So What is the Big Deal About Facebook Marketing?

The simple answer to the point at the beginning is simple. Facebook Marketing is BIG. It’s big in affordability, speed of response, growth, and customization options. One would be remiss if you do not maximize its use.

And if you still need help with that, there is Rachel Miller’s Moolah Marketing. Rachel really breaks the complexities of Facebook Marketing down for those who are still starting out or for the veterans in the business. I cannot recommend it highly enough. In fact, you can check out the full review right here!

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