Social Media Marketing: Beyond Facebook

19 Jul

Welcome back! We have gone at length to exploring using Facebook for marketing. And there is a lot yet to explore. However, in the current and future arena of internet marketing, Facebook is not the only social media “game” out there. There are Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, WhatsApp, and many others coming out of the proverbial woodwork.

With how fast our world is running its wheels through the interwebs, limiting our scope would be a disservice to our visitors. Thus, we are expanding our “umbrella” to cover as much of these platforms and the different topics about them that we can. More is certainly merrier (though it can mean more work for those involved).

Facebook is Still King

Don’t get me wrong. Facebook is still the social media platform to beat. With nearly 3 Billion users active month in and month out, Facebook is still the top dog when it comes to reach. If you are a business or a marketing entity, it would be foolhardy to ignore the opportunities it offers.

That said, it is undeniable that Facebook has bumps on the road. Controversies, particularly with regard to data security and political biases plague the platform. And it can be as annoying to deal with its algorithms as it is to wade through the false information spread across it.

When all is said and done, though, Facebook is still the most user-friendly social media platform on the planet. On a personable level, Facebook still reaches more people than any other. And businesses receive the most versatile options to advertise and market their services and products on Facebook.

Instagram Influence

Instagram is the platform that birthed the “influencer lifestyle”. Where Facebook has the largest reach and mass appeal, With Facebook, there is a sense of familiarity. Despite its flaws, it is “home” for a lot of people. It gives people a way to share stories and make connections that are on a personal level.

On the other hand, Instagram works better for those who just want to be seen. There is a reason why it is primarily a visual medium. Photos and images are what drive people to Instagram. By its very function, it builds its reach to those who thrive on the mobile data network.

Playing on this strength, getting products visible is what works best. And add to that the almost built in ability to produce spokespersons to promote your business in exchange for “exposure” and you have a different marketing tool to master.

Twitter Talk

If Facebook is about personal connections and Instagram is for the “celebrities”, Twitter is for the debaters. Twitter provides a voice for its users to get their thoughts out there. The hashtags and trends that stem from Twitter opinions can change on a dime. Whether it is about as lofty as politics or as mundane as ice cream flavors of the week, if it gets enough traction, Twitter will recognize it.

Furthermore, while Twitter has limited options with regard to promotions, it does provide a quick and easy way to get news out there. The short Tweets encourage businesses and marketers to keep things quick and simple.

YouTube TV

Although video has been incorporated with various degrees in other platforms, YouTube remains the platform of choice for it. Over 15 years of YouTube dominance in this area cannot be discounted. Growing from short, 5-minute clips to a massive collection of big and small productions, YouTube remains the leading venue for video sharing.

The caveat is YouTube has lost its original “edginess”. The social media platform has become more sanitized of potentially sensitive materials. This is a double edged sword, as it limits its potential audience. However, it also makes it possible for the younger set to be included among a business’s viewers.

Social Media Strategies

It is highly recommended to look at what each platform’s strengths and tools offer. No business or marketer worth their salts would leave a stone unturned on how to best take advantage of each. No doubt that Facebook continues its dominance, but to ignore the others would be a great loss of possible patronage and revenue.

On that note, I would be remiss if I did not mention how effective Rachel Miller’s Moolah Marketing course is for teaching key strategies for Facebook. Not only does the course explore and expand on using Facebook tools for the best results. Check the full review right here! And check back to this page for more about Facebook and other Social Media Marketing news, information, tips, and techniques!

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