Basic Skills to Know for Photo Editor Apps

12 Oct

Good visual elements on your website and social media platforms can get you the sought after attention and retention you want. But you cannot just grab a stock photo, paste it on your website, and then expect the traffic to flow in. To improve your retention chances, you have to edit these images effectively. Let us look at the basic skills needed for photo editor apps to arm you with the means to maximize your conversion.

Why Learn How to Use Photo Editor Apps?

We have previously explored a bit about the importance of imagery in your online marketing. As we noted in discussing how to make images for your website, visuals can help greatly in converting visitors into supporters and followers. But to do that, you have to know exactly what you are doing.

Now, you might be thinking “eh, I’ll just hire a graphic designer for that.” Good for you for having the budget to outsource image creation and photo editing. However, if you don’t have the budget for it, learning how to use photo editor apps effectively can be an essential skill. More than that, even if you hire out the grunt work of graphics design, having sufficient skills in photo editing is vital to market your brand.Photo-Editor-App-Kobra-Social-Marketing

At the very least, you will be able to tell whether or not your graphics designer is doing their job right. As bad as it sounds, there are unscrupulous artists out there who do a half-baked job with their employers remaining unaware. Furthermore, you can make other tweaks and improvements after the material is submitted. That can be the difference between effective visual content and bland, uninspired visuals.

And for those who can do the job on their own, that is a noteworthy chunk of change off your operational costs. Graphic designers are far from cheap. The practicality of having the skills to use photo editor apps yourself on near or the same level cannot be discounted.

On that note, while there are many basic photo editor apps in this day and age that are beginner-friendly apps as well. Yet, there is a huge divide between basic and attention-grabbing. If you want to make a good impression on your audience and clients, having the right level of photo editing skills should be a priority.

3 Important Basic Skills for Photo Editor Apps

Having said all that, here is a list of the most essential skills to know for photo editor apps. Take some time to learn how to apply these skills for powerful visuals that attract attention and connects with your audience.

Image Selection

You have to be able to discern what just “looks good” from what “looks good and fits the content.” The human brain quickly picks up the context of an image (or lack thereof) with the content it is included in.

Say, for example, you have a blog post promoting your business’ SEO services and you need to decide between an image of a group talking among each other and a group talking while their mobiles are out and in use. The second choice aligns closer to your message. Being able to make the right choices in selecting images is a basic photo editing skill that every marketer should have.


If there is one skill that is often neglected with photo editing, it is this one. Usually, the untrained enthusiast would edit on the base or original image from beginning to end. This may seem like it would speed things up.

However, the truth of the matter is it is the cause of most delays and frustration. This is because if you make an error or you would like to edit it further, you will have a more challenging time getting started from the beginning again. Being comfortable with using layers makes editing and modifying images flow more efficiently. Learn how to separate each individual major edit on a layer. You will thank yourself for this in the long run.

Learn the Keyboard Shortcuts

Photo editor apps go beyond just point and click. In fact, it can take up a lot of time to move your cursor to a tab on the interface before actually using it. Making yourself familiar with the keyboard shortcuts is a great timesaver.

There are a plethora of photo editor apps. That means there are also a wide variety of interface setups. Thus, you must learn the appropriate keyboard shortcuts depending on the app you are using. Perhaps the most important quick key is the “save” function. It is usually the CTRL+”S” key. This is particularly useful for photo editor apps that do not have an autosave feature.


Learning the basics of photo editor apps to maximize your website or social media presence is vital in digital marketing. You can take the time to familiarize yourself with them. This is something I learned with Rachel Miller’s Moolah Marketing. Check out the review of this powerful internet marketing course!

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