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9 Mar

“Mobile social media marketing is the future of Facebook”. This is the battle cry of some experts in the industry. Facebook is actually refocusing on the desktop version of the platform, as noted in this article. However, there is merit to the claim that the social media giant will continue to develop progress with their mobile side.

Facebook is a multifaceted marketing platform. There are many aspects to explore and take advantage of. There is a huge potential for reach and engagement in both desktop and mobile arenas. Facebook marketing experts like Rachel Miller provide helpful lessons and suggestions (like in her Social Media Marketing course called Moolah Marketing) in all aspects, which helps newbies and veterans alike.

But how big can the Facebook Marketing on mobile become? Let us take a closer look at the details.

Facebook Mobile Marketing Opportunities

By Facebook’s own assessment, there are about 200 Million daily users accessing the social media platform through mobile. That is certainly an impressive figure, by any measure, although Twitter may yet have it beat in sheer numbers. Still, it is undeniable that there is great opportunity that can be found there with the right focus and application.

Like most modern websites, Facebook has a mobile version available. This can be downloaded as an app through the Google Play store and Apple store, for Android and iOS users, respectively. The mobile app presents a streamlined interface and a more modest appearance than the standard desktop version in order to accommodate the difference in hardware. There is even a “Lite” version that is even more barebones in its features.

Facebook Mobile Marketing Opportunities
Facebook Mobile Marketing can be a Powerful Tool!

The important takeaway from this is that Facebook, being an already prevalent social media platform, can be used by a wider variety of users. Any marketing professional worth his or her salts knows that accessibility and visibility are the two main ingredients to catch brand attention.

Another great thing about Facebook Mobile Marketing is how cost-effective it can be. Compared to more traditional marketing options, Facebook is affordable for small and medium businesses. Cost per Click (CPC) and engagement is within the range of a wider range of entrepreneurs.

Marketing Options on Facebook Mobile

Aside from the standard Facebook Ads, there are also Sponsored Stories (both on Facebook and Instagram). These short videos (usually no more than 30 seconds to a minute long) provide a way to reach potential customers from a personal standpoint.

Another interesting option available for branding and commerce through Facebook is the different Check-In Deals. Check-In Deals provide a way for an entrepreneur or marketing team to reach out. This can be to promote their products and services. One can even offer special discounts and sales through this option.

Currently, there are 4 types of Check-In Deals through the Facebook Mobile Platform.

  • Charity Deal – Facebook Mobile offers Charity Deals which helps reach out to community efforts. Aside from promoting brand awareness, this creates goodwill.
  • Friend Deal – Using a friend deal allows the Facebook entrepreneur to share discounts to up to 8 people as a group. A great side benefit of this option is that the friend deal shows up in their individual Facebook stories as well. It is like a built-in word-of-mouth promotion.
  • Individual Deal – As the title implies, this deal lets you create a deal directly on Facebook Mobile Marketing to a specific person. If you already have a customer base with loyal patrons, this is a wonderful way to create an incentive to buy products or procure your service. This brings us to the last type.
  • Loyalty Deal – The Facebook Mobile Loyalty Deal is specifically designed for frequent and returning customers to your business. This creates a promotion that rewards your most avid and loyal patrons. The Loyalty Deal option requires check-ins of at least 2 and cannot be set to require more than 20. This is to avoid potential abuse.
  • Facebook Nearby

    The recommendations and Check-ins to places are the most common way of marketing through Facebook Mobile. Why is this important? This is because many regular users of Facebook Mobile use it as a pseudo-search engine in lieu of Google (or its counterparts like Yahoo!, Bing, etc.).

    Facebook Nearby is the formal designation of this feature. Often, this will be for local businesses. However, it can also be used for online businesses that offer to deliver and provide the sought after product or service.

    Use Facebook Mobile Marketing to your Advantage!

    Facebook may be currently focused on enhancing the desktop side of the marketing, but don’t overlook the potential of Facebook Mobile. If you find that this can be overwhelming, I highly recommend looking at Rachel Miller’s Moolah Marketing course! This is one of the best resources. And it is constantly updated with the latest Facebook Marketing developments. Check my full review RIGHT HERE!

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