Facebook Marketing: Upcoming Changes to Watch Out For

22 Feb

Facebook Marketing is not a one trick solution. There’s more to it than just posting, using the boost option, and calling it a day. No, the social media platform giant, and the marketing options available to it, are continuously evolving.

The Facebook interface itself underwent massive changes with the rollout of FB5 in between 2019 to 2020. The redesigned web interface that added a Dark Mode is currently being tested and used, which was in response to adopt a similar theme that iOS and Google software already offer. This is just one of the recent updates on Facebook of significance.

There are new innovations that will be gradually implemented as 2020 progresses. Facebook Marketing experts like Rachel Miller will surely be adding them to their repertoire. In Rachel’s course (popularly coined as Moolah Marketing), courses would be updated to effectively make use of these developments for future use.

What are these upcoming changes? Read on to find out more.

Facebook Libra: FB’s Own Cryptocurrency

Facebook has officially joined the Cryptocurrency (aka Crypto) bandwagon with “Libra”. Announced last 2019, Facebook co-founded the Libra Association. Technically, this is not Facebook’s first foray into digital currency. During the height of Facebook Gaming, the platform introduced Credits that could be bought using credit card, bank, or Paypal transactions. These credits could then be used to buy Facebook Games services and items.

However, Libra itself is not limited to Facebook. It will be managed through Calibra (Facebook’s subsidiary) as a digital wallet. Libra is intended to be on the open Crypto market, as with its peers Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others. What sets it apart from these is that Libra will have the real assets similar to actual physical currency backing it through the investments of Facebook and its Libra co-founders.

This is significant in the area of Facebook Marketing due to how linked Libra will be to Facebook transactions. Through the Calibra wallet, Facebook will likely integrate easier funding of the Ads Manager feature. Furthermore, the Calibra Wallet has been registered with regulating authorities to prevent abuse and possible criminal activity.

Facebook marketers should take note of how important this will be in the future. Even Shopify has already thrown their support for Libra.

Facebook Marketing Changes

Facebook Messenger Shifts Focus to Desktop

While Facebook’s 94% advertising revenue came from mobile advertising, the company is shifting focus on upgrading Messenger specifically for the desktop platform. That is certainly a curious point.

An announcement was made that a Messenger app for desktop platforms would be released during the annual F8 development conference. This desktop version of Messenger will have the same features as the mobile versions currently have.

This move is an interesting development. It is a reflection of Facebook’s interest in shifting support to private spaces. In fact, this might be an after-effect of the controversies the company had, particularly with protecting user information. And on that note…

Facebook Emphasis on Private Channels

Mark Zuckerberg’s statement that Facebook is going to have a “privacy-focused vision for social networking” reflects its current and future direction. Thus, the platform intends to further develop features to strengthen the privacy of its users and business partners.

The changes have actually already started, with the more concerted effort to give Facebook groups be available for business. Since 2017, Facebook pages can already create and participate in groups. In terms of Facebook Marketing, this requires a slightly different set of strategies. Directed advertising and interactions would have to incorporate these current and future changes.

Facebook Changes Affect Facebook Marketing Tactics

These Facebook updates and changes are all signs of the social networking platform’s evolution. With the daily active users (DAU) of Facebook now averaging 1.62 Billion people (as of September of 2019), it continues to progress. However, it is true that not all of these changes are popularly supported. And while not all of them are fully implemented, they will all affect how Facebook Marketing needs to be approached.

All of these changes can undoubtedly be overwhelming for those new to Facebook Marketing. And perhaps these developments can bewilder some veterans to the process, as well. This is why I fully endorse Rachel Miller’s Moolah Marketing strategies. Rachel’s Facebook Advertising course is not just useful in the current status quo. The course is updated regularly. Any new features that can help maximize engagement to conversions would be added to the lessons in the course.

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