Facebook Marketing is Hard… Or is it?

19 Jan

Something that I always hear from both newbies and veterans in Facebook Marketing: It’s that Facebook’s Marketing tools and features are HARD.

All right, let us be honest. Facebook Marketing is as much a science as it is an art form. It is not “easy”, in any shape or form. If it were easy, everybody and their brother would be doing it successfully. You can’t just read a few articles and watch a few tutorials on YouTube, then expect to be an expert in how Facebook’s Marketing works in just a few days. (I know how it feels. Trust me. I tried!)

Facebook Logo on screen
Facebook Marketing is hard– but is it REALLY THAT HARD?

On the other hand, it is not “rocket science” either. The “average Joes (or Janes)” can learn how to make Facebook’s Marketing features work for promoting their businesses effectively. But to do this, there is a certain amount of effort required. Just look at how Rachel Miller’s “Moolah Marketing” lines up the most effective methods of taking advantage of Facebook Marketing’s nuances.

Starting with your own Facebook account and activity, studying the official Facebook courses, practicing on your own, getting feedback, and continuing to learn are the keys to successful mastery of Facebook’s Marketing options.

Have Your Own Facebook Account

The surprising thing about Facebook Marketing hopefuls is that there are a good number of folks WHO DO NOT HAVE THEIR OWN FACEBOOK ACCOUNT. That is like trying to win a bicycle race without having one’s own bicycle to ride on. It makes no sense at all to try learning the ropes of Facebook’s Marketing features if you yourself are not using the platform for personal and business use.

Having a Facebook account for personal use is the first step. Being able to see for your own how Facebook ads show up on your feed will provide important insight into how you will apply the same principles in the future. Knowing firsthand through exposure of how the Facebook social media platform functions will open your eyes to Facebook’s Marketing tools later. (And I mean it’s 2020; not having a Facebook account of your own is and oddity, gramps).

Study Official Facebook Courses

Once you have gotten your feet wet with your own Facebook account to create a personal and business profile, it is recommended to review the official Facebook courses that you can find at https://www.facebook.com/business/learn.

Fair warning: there is a bit of an information overload here if you were expecting it to be an easy read. There are multiple lessons broken down into 5-minute courses for specific areas. The topics are both for Facebook and Instagram platforms to open up possibilities for today’s digital marketers.

Practicing What You Learned about Facebook Marketing

Now that you have your own Facebook account setup and some working knowledge of Facebook’s Marketing essentials through the official courses, it is time to practice. And by practice, I mean applying what you have learned on your own. Do not, and I mean DO NOT, use your clients’ or actual Facebook business pages as a “training ground”. However, creating a practice business/commercial Facebook page is the way to go.

Create Facebook posts. Use the Boost feature to reach non-organic attention. Design photo carousels and short videos. Check the analytics available. Do this daily and look at the results. These important insights will be valuable when you finally apply them “seriously” (i.e. for commercial purposes).

Facebook Marketing Continued Learning

There is an old saying: learn from those who came before you. Learning Facebook Marketing is hard doing it on your own. Thankfully, you do not have to. There are Facebook Marketing experts willing to share their knowledge and wisdom gained from experience. The trick is finding a mentor that is not just using textbook techniques that anyone with some limited experience working with Facebook’s Marketing tools would know.

Facebook Marketing Learning
Learn from both the Official Facebook Courses and reputable Facebook Marketing Mentors!

One of the most prolific legitimate Facebook Marketing gurus is Rachel Miller. Her marketing strategies course, popularly known as Moolah Marketing among the digital marketing circles, provides valuable information and lessons that go beyond the basics. Rachel breaks down the intricacies of how to leverage the social media marketing platform to get the numbers from both paid and organic following.

The great thing about Moolah Marketing is how it is constantly updated by Rachel herself. Not content with resting on her laurels, Rachel continues to learn about the updates Facebook implements. Furthermore, Rachel ensures her course is as up-to-date as necessary. Moreover, investing in Moolah Marketing includes membership to the private Facebook group where you can learn from others who have benefitted from Rachel’s Facebook Marketing strategies courses.

If you would like a full review of Rachel’s Moolah Marketing to check out how it will definitely help make learning Facebook Marketing easier, you can get the most comprehensive look at it right here!

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