Email Marketing vs Facebook Ads: Which is More effective?

14 Sep

There are currently more than 4.3 billion internet users in the world, with over 80% of users having a Facebook account. That is huge, right? Yet, nearly all internet users have an active email account, supporting the notion that there are more active email users since the platform has been around longer.

Moreover, Facebook has, on average, about 710 million social activities every day! This undoubtedly drives traffic to the Facebook platform. However, that is less than the 281 billion emails sent each day.


What does this all boil down to? Social media marketing should not be tied down to one platform but instead use a multitude of platforms to reach a broader audience. With a combination of Facebook and email marketing, you will see your brand expand!

In this article, I will compare the two platforms and show how your marketing strategies are affected by each respective forum.

Users Preferences

Statistics have shown that:

  • 58% of people check their email first in the morning.
  • 14% check their social media.
  • 5% check news.
  • 20% open search engine.

Studies have also shown that people that check their email first thing in the morning are likely to be more task-oriented than people that start their day on social media. They will approach online interactions with specific goals in mind. In other words, when they open emails, they are looking for deals, product information, and promotional deals.

User Engagement

Surprisingly, Facebook users have a lower engagement with ads (0.58%). On the other hand, effective email marketing will reach more than 85% of users with a click-through-rate of about 23%.

To increase your Facebook user engagement rate is difficult, but not impossible. Check out this free resource on how to grow your audience on Facebook for ways to improve your user’s engagement.

Email Marketing vs. Facebook Ads: Which Drives More Sales?

According to studies, 60% of your target audience will sign up for your email subscription list to receive promotional deals about a product or service. It is estimated that an effective email marketing campaign will yield approximately 44% on every dollar spent.

On the other hand, it is more difficult to track the ROI of Facebook ads because the effectiveness of brand ad campaigns varies. What works for another brand might not work for your brand. Regardless of the goal of your Facebook ads campaign, you can get a myriad of tips on how to create an effective campaign.

Email Marketing Vs. Facebook Ads: Which has Greater Reach?

Ideally, Facebook ads have a greater reach compared to email marketing. With Facebook ads, you can reach a greater audience that you have no connection with but is within your consumer audience.

Email marketing is limited to the people that sign up for your email subscription list.

In conclusion, Facebook ads are great for driving traffic to your website. Email marketing, on the other hand, is better for leads generation, customer retention, and increasing sales. The most effective way is to combine Facebook ad campaigns with email marketing. That way, you can take advantage of the best aspects of both platforms. You can use the reach of Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website and get them to subscribe to your email list.

Moreover, you can use email marketing services like Litmus to increase your email marketing effectiveness. For Facebook ad campaigns, check out this awesome course to increase your viewership and following on Facebook.

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